A Step-By-Step Timeline: What To Do After An Auto Accident

Arm Yourself With Knowing What To Do After An Auto Accident

Picture this: you’re driving on your way to work and suddenly another driver rear-ends you. Do you know what to do? Auto accidents cause your adrenaline to spike and force many into a fight or flight response. This leads to split-second decisions without much logical thought. In this mindset, things appear to move quickly and it is difficult for victims to act accordingly. Taking note of everything that’s occurred and following a specified protocol is crucial. To build on that, not everyone knows what to do after an auto accident in the long run. This article will help you better understand what to do in days, weeks, and months following an auto accident.

Immediately After An Auto Accident

Right away, the most important thing you should be doing after an accident is assessing and documenting exactly what happened. Per the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and Florida Statute Section 316.065, a driver involved in a car accident involving at least $500 estimated vehicle or property damage must immediately contact local law enforcement. Additionally, take pictures and videos of as many things as possible because this will all be used as evidence. This action supports your efforts to fix damages and receive proper medical care. In terms of things you should be getting on photo/video, make sure you capture:

  • All of the damages from all vehicles involved
  • Any visible injuries
  • The scene of the car crash
  • Weather/road conditions
  • Police report
  • If possible, contact information for any witnesses

What To Do The Following Week Of Your Accident

In the following days, your main priority should be on the broader scope of things. This means tending to your injuries, piecing together evidence, informing insurers, and speaking with a personal injury attorney regarding your rights. These specifically mentioned things are important because they all serve the universal purpose of making an insurance claim to get life back on track. Another important fact is that you only have 14 days to initiate medical treatment covered under Personal Injury Protection coverage (PIP). PIP covers 80 percent of all necessary and reasonable medical expenses up to $10,000. Auto Accident victims typically have many questions about the claims process in general. It can sound a little daunting at first but rest assured that’s why your attorney is an essential piece. Attorneys can take care of and walk you through everything from reporting to the insurance company to dealing with insurance adjusters. They are also knowledgeable about the average settlement for their type of case and how long it takes to settle their claim.

What To Do After An Accident In The Next Month

Once you file your accident claim with the insurers, the next step is setting up repairs for your vehicle. As your trusted attorneys, we typically advise against speaking with insurers yourself. However, when it comes to discussing inspections and all the steps necessary to restore your vehicle back to tip-top shape. The rest is what we will take care of, so do not discuss your injuries or health condition. Specifically, do not say anything like this!

What To Do After An Accident In The Subsequent Months

The months to follow are typically relatively quiet while you’re undergoing medical treatment and getting repairs handled for your vehicle. Please be aware that your attorney is diligently working on your case during this time. It should also be known that if you are still being cared for medically, your case cannot be settled. Therefore, follow your doctor’s orders and continue being diligent with your appointments until you are feeling better! If you ever wish to get a status update, be sure to call your attorney’s office so they may assist you. Once it’s time for a deposition, mediation, and settlement discussion, they will be in touch.

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