Burn Injuries

Burn Injury Attorney Orlando FL

Do you need a burn injury attorney in Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Apopka, Kissimmee, Poinciana, Lakeland, Deland, Deltona, St. Cloud or Tampa?  If you are having trouble locating an aggressive burn injury attorney in Orlando, Orange County or anywhere in the entire State of Florida, you are not alone. Burn injuries are now at epidemic levels in Florida. Doctors and experienced personal injury lawyers understand how devastating burn injuries can be, especially to child burn victims.  In fact, a large percentage of Florida burn accident victims are children.  Nothing is more heartbreaking.
Burn Injuries Are So Devastating Because They Damage The SkinBurn injuries are extremely painful and debilitating.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Skin contains billions of neuron receptors that tell our brain if you are cold, hot or injured. Burns of of the second and third degree destroy your skins neuron receptors.  Without them, your skin is essentially “blind.”Serious Second or Third Degree Burn InjuriesWhen the skin is burned severely, either a second degree burn injury or third degree burn injury, the lower layers of the skin are damaged.  These injuries are not minor and result in disfigurement, chronic infections and, sometimes long after the incident that caused the burn, death.  Infections occur easily in burn victims because the protective layer of skin is not there to shield the body from infection,  Death often occurs due to infection of the blood, otherwise known as sepsis syndrome.

Burn injuries are caused most often by:

  • automobile accidents
  • fires in structures
  • electrocution or electrical burns
  • gas water heaters in garages
  • fireworks
  • thermal burns
  • chemical burns

Thermal Burn Injuries

Thermal burn injuries occur when there is exposure to, or contact with, steam, flames, flash, and hot surfaces or hot liquids with a temperature above 115 degrees. Thermal burn injuries are the most common burn injuries involving children, usually occurring while cooking on hot stoves. You need a Florida burn injury attorney if you or a loved one is the victim of a thermal burn injury.

Automobile Fires and Burn Injuries

Automobile fires may result from even a fairly minor auto accident.  Often, the passenger or driver are entrapped in the car or truck after a crash when a fire starts.  You need an Orlando Florida burn injury attorney if you or a loved one is the victim of a burn injury resulting from a car crash.

Electrical Burn Injuries

Electrical burn injuries are caused by exposure to high voltage electricity. The burn injuries happen when electricity current flows through the body, causing a painful exit wound.  Electric shock may also cause the heart to stop beating and result in immediate death.  You need an Orlando Florida burn injury attorney if you or a loved one is the victim of a electrical burn injury.

Chemical Burn Injuries

Chemical burn injuries are caused by skin contact with acids or strong bases such as alkaloids. Often strong chemicals are used in laboratories and place on the job workers at risk. Very strong chemicals will dissolve skin at contact and are difficult to wash away at contact exposure. You need a Florida burn injury attorney if you or a loved one is the victim of a chemical burn injury.

House and Building Fires Causing Burn Injuries

Fires are a common cause of burn injuries and fire deaths. Heating and electrical equipment can malfunction, causing a fire with little or no warning.  These injuries often involve claims for products liability if a defective device causes a fire.  You need an Orlando Florida burn injury attorney if you or a loved one is the victim of a fire-related burn injury.

Consequences of Serious Burn Injuries

When skin is severely burned, scar tissue is forms and the victim may suffer from loss of the sense of touch; loss of the ability to perspire (sweat); loss of elasticity of the skin, loss of the ability of the skin to repair itself after a cut or abrasion, and a high risk of infection that can lead to death.  This burn scar tissue loses many normal characteristics because of the severe scaring.  You need an Orlando Florida burn injury attorney if you or a loved one suffers any of these horrible burn injury consequences.

Do You Have a Burn Injury Case?

You should always seek advice from an experienced Florida burn injury lawyer because burns can be and often are devastating, life altering, debilitating, and even result in death.  Do not wait to contact the burn injury lawyers at The Martindale Law Group in Orlando, Florida, so that they can begin working to protect your rights immediately. Don’t delay; time is of the essence.  Evidence can be lost and memories always fade. The time is now.

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