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A Step-By-Step Timeline: What To Do After An Auto Accident

Arm Yourself With Knowing What To Do After An Auto Accident Picture this: you’re driving on your way to work and suddenly another driver rear-ends you. Do you know what to do? Auto accidents cause your adrenaline to spike and force many into a fight or flight response. This leads to split-second decisions without much […]

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The Role Of A Car Accident Lawyer

What Does A Car Accident Lawyer Do, Anyways? Car accidents are an unfortunate but common thing to happen during one’s life. You could be a driver, a passenger, a bystander, the one at fault, or the one who is hit. No matter how you describe your situation, if you are injured, it’s important to hire […]

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How To Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement

These 8 Things Can Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement After a car accident, many people tend to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and confused. Suddenly, many things need to be done and certain things must be taken care of. Thankfully, an experienced personal injury attorney knows that protocol and has the keys to maximize your car accident […]

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