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Five Qualities of the Best Personal Injury Attorney In Orlando Florida

If you own a car, then it is highly likely that you will experience an accident at some point in your life. When car accidents happen, oftentimes injury occurs as well. In the event that this happens to you or a loved one, you have a big responsibility. You need a law firm that is experienced, has a proven track record, and a supporting network of investigators and medical professionals. It is essential to hire the best personal injury attorney in Orlando Florida to represent your case. A personal injury attorney sometimes referred to as an accident attorney or lawyer, will ensure that you are fully compensated. This means winning you funds to pay for the damages incurred during your accident. Whether that be for medical bills, your pain and suffering, loss of wages, or other expenses. Having strong representation in court sends a message to the insurance company that you mean business. Read on to see the key qualities of the best personal injury attorney in Orlando Florida.


Though it should be a no-brainer, this one deserves a spot high on the list. Having an attorney who carries out his or her duties with professionalism speaks volumes. The best personal injury attorney in Orlando Florida is respected, held in high regard by their peers, and able to answer any and all questions. Start by researching them to see what other attorneys say about them. You can also ask the candidate what percentage of their business comes from other lawyer referrals. It is a great sign if this amount is high, it means that other attorneys have respect for the person you’re talking to. So much so, that they are willing to risk their own reputation on a recommendation! Lastly, it is also imperative that any and all legal services be in line with the best practices of the Florida Bar Association. After all, the Florida Bar is in place to ensure rules, standards, ethics, and professionalism.

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It may not occur to many but in order to form a good argument, one must get as much information and detail as possible. This strong foundation begins with actively listening and then leads to communication. The best personal injury attorney in Orlando Florida listens and communicates effectively in order to ensure success. How they speak, write, and ask questions also has a lot to do with how your candidate stands out from others.

Arguably the biggest part of communication is truly listening—and certain attorneys will want to do all the talking. This can serve as a detriment to you, the client, as you may not get to tell your full story. Additionally, when they do not listen effectively, the opportunity can arise where your attorney misses crucial details. Displaying great listening skills means observing and intently listening to every word while avoiding interruption. This skill set makes way for a complex analysis of the case. Then when the attorney reacts, it is clear that they’ve been listening by the questions they ask. Here, they will often reiterate your information and highlight important facts that you just provided. If so, it is clear they listening and are honing in on certain aspects of your accident for a deeper insight into the details involved in your personal injury case.


This is a big one and is often overlooked. It is important to hire an attorney who is easily accessible whenever you need his or her services. One big way that you can ensure this is by asking for their direct phone number, not just the office phone. Additionally, having an attorney in the State of Florida also helps in order to access them whenever needed. It is also great when the lawyer has an experienced support staff who are available to you. Sometimes paralegals and case managers can update you on more highly detailed parts of your case as well. At the Martindale Law Group, we provide Rick Martindale’s number to you, so you are able to reach out when you need him.

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The best personal injury attorney in Orlando Florida should be courteous and easily approachable by the client. Personal skills such as these remain on this list due to the fact that they can still be hard to find in some lawyers. Your ideal attorney should offer a reliable and convenient means of communication with their clients. Too often, we have heard horror stories of clients struggling to speak with their representation or even get a callback. This should be a priority question to ask your future attorney. Additionally, feedback from other clients like online reviews can be a good indication that the law firm is responsive. Genuity is also an important trait to look for in your search. Your best auto accident lawyer should have a passion for seeking the best outcome for you and your case. Knowing that your attorney handles all clients with care and your best interests in mind offers you peace of mind. This is a common reason that our clients love working with us at the Martindale Law Group.


The final quality we recommend is choosing an attorney with experience under their belt. Specifically, one who has worked in the personal injury field. A well-seasoned attorney possesses the knowledge, skill set, and expertise that only comes from working on these real types of cases. In truth, law school can teach one the basics of performing legal research, writing one’s viewpoints, and arguing complex legal theories. However, that doesn’t fully translate to managing all that is required for a law firm. This means taking “real world” cases (sometimes multiples!), overseeing office staff, analyzing client needs, supervising the office, and working with judges, fellow attorneys, and court personnel. Needless to say, it can be quite a lot if they are newer to the profession. But, if your best option is a newer individual to personal injury law, you may still have a good experience. Just confirm that they are supported by a strong team of experienced professionals.

Having a great track record is critical in the area of personal injury. This is attributable to the fact that the insurance company responsible for the case will have an idea of how to estimate their negotiations. The best personal injury attorney in Orlando Florida has a track record of success that will often reach stronger settlements because of past successes. On the other side of the coin, the experienced attorney will also have insight into the insurance company they are dealing with. With this knowledge and experience, they are better equipped to form an effective strategy.

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After following these tips and educating yourself, you’re sure to obtain the best legal representation in Florida. It’s important to remember that accidents happen to everyone! What matters is that you align yourself with an accident group that knows how to handle them with experience, strategy, and tact. If you do find yourself in an accident or legal issue while driving, consult with our Orlando accident attorneys as soon as possible. We provide legal advice, grant insight into issues, represent you in court if needed, and ensure your rights are protected. Drive safely!

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