Rick Martindale

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Rick Martindale

Your accident attorney Rick Martindale is originally from Bloomington, Indiana.  He moved to Florida with his family in 1981 when he had just turned 13, attending and graduating from Lely High School in the top 10% of his class.  Rick received numerous scholarships and was also awarded a U.S. Air Force ROTC (AFROTC) Scholarship to Indiana University (IU).

Attorney Martindale was a top Cadet in the IU AFROTC program and was awarded the Silver ROTC Medal for Outstanding Leadership Ability and Military Bearing from the Sons of the American Revolution.   Rick also served as the Public Relations Officer for IU AFROTC. Attorney Martindale is an Air Force Veteran, having served in and honorably discharged from the United States Air Force.

Attorney Martindale began his career in the insurance industry as a claims adjuster for National Insurance Association in Indianapolis.  Rick was quickly promoted to Claims Supervisor and oversaw insurance adjusters and insurance defense attorneys.

Attorney Martindale returned to Florida to open his own independent claims adjusting company, Florida Claims Specialists, in Tampa.  He adjusted claims and conducted claims investigations throughout Florida, working for several insurance company clients.

At that point in his career, Rick decided he wanted to attend law school to help those who were injured instead of trying to find ways to deny claims or pay less to injured people.  He had simply had enough of being a negative force in the lives of others and desired to have a positive impact on those around him.  He applied and was admitted to the University of Florida College of Law, Florida State University School of Law and Stetson School of Law.  Rick chose the prestigious and renowned University of Florida.

While a law student at Florida in Gainesville, Rick was inducted into The International Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi, of which membership is limited to those law students maintaining an Honors level of study.   Attorney Martindale graduated from University of Florida College of Law with Honors in 1998.  He passed the Florida Bar with over 30 points to spare and moved to Orlando to begin his legal career.

Attorney Martindale first worked for the insurance defense law firm Ringer & Henry, P.A. (now known as Ringer, Henry, Buckley & Seacord, P.A.) beginning in 1999.  He represented clients in court sued for negligence such as Hughes Supply (now HD Supply), CNA Insurance, Hubbard Construction and Florida Power (now Duke Energy).  He also practiced medical malpractice defense of Orlando doctors and medical practices.

Mr. Martindale won his first jury trial for Hubbard Construction in Tampa within eighteen months of graduation with no co-counsel assistance. He was all alone and defeated a senior partner at a Tampa law firm over 20 years his senior.

Accident attorney Martindale decided to start his own law firm in May, 2002. He founded the firm as the sole employee and slowly added staff and associate attorneys. That Firm is today’s Martindale Law Group.

Attorney Martindale is now the owner and managing attorney of The Martindale Law Group. He has received many honors including The Paoli Award for Orlando Attorney of the Year three years in a row. The law firm has grown to 9 staff and has helped many thousands of clients.

The focus of accident attorney Rick Martindale has always been helping people who were injured in an accident or at no fault of their own. It would be an honor and privilege to help you! If you have questions or would like to receive your free consultation, please contact us!


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