Best Dog Bite Lawyer Lakeland, FL

Best Dog Bite Lawyer Lakeland, FL

A dog bite injury lawyer will help you take legal action against the person who wronged or injured your pet. You can recover damages for physical injuries, property damage, and pain & suffering if they were caused by another’s negligence – which often includes not teaching their dangerous animal behavior like attacks on humans.

Dog bite injuries are a real problem, with 15% of all US dogs having demonstrated an aggressive conduct disorder at some point in their lives. The frequency increases when you consider that many victims will never receive medical treatment for these wounds because they’re so minor! Suppose you’ve suffered from significant scarring or loss of feeling as well extensive property damage due to your pet’s negligence. In that case, I’m qualified enough to get started on getting justice served right away by meeting up today during my availability time slots.

Lawyers who handle Dog Bite Injuries Lawsuits represent the harmed party in court. They aim to obtain damages that will compensate their clients for medical expenses, lost wages, or earning capacity if they cannot work due to injuries sustained from a dog bite injury case.

A personal injury attorney must file suit within one year after an incident occurs unless specific circumstances compel delay, like when investigative reports need time before being submitted into evidence during trial proceedings.


A dog bite can be a terrifying experience for any person, but thankfully they are infrequent in dogs and usually only result from improper training. Bites typically happen when a pet owner puts too much attention onto their animal rather than teaching them how to behave around other people or animals responsibly. Here are just some of the more common types: 

Nipping at ankles while walking on a leash (sometimes done out-of-character) – This type is often excusable if it’s an inherited instinctive behavioral problem where all family members show this behavior trait; You may need training classes with knowledgeable professionals who specialize in treating such challenges.

Scrape wounds – when dogs bite down, it often leaves teeth marks on human skin (which may already be starting bruising). This type of damage includes repetitive pulling back and forth between animal/human interactions, which irritates. 

The first thing you should do if your dog has been injured is to get veterinary care as soon as possible. There’s a chance that their injury will worsen without treatment and even lead towards life-threatening complications such as blood infections or anaphylaxis from shaving off sores, for we humans can fix things properly.

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What if a dog attacked you? Would it make sense for the authorities to determine who was at fault and charge them with reckless animal abuse to discourage future attacks, or would responsible owners be best served not to suffer monetarily from these types of injuries? If money motivates people, then there’s no way justice will prevail because lawyers want their share too! We’re here to help. Contact us now.