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Pedestrian accidents are any type of motor vehicle collision that involves a pedestrian. These types can include speeding or drunk drivers, as well as vehicles turning left in front of them without looking first and running over someone with your car because you thought they were farther away than they were! Pedestrian accidents are often caused due to negligence, inattention, and distractions.

Drivers that do not maintain proper focus on the road may cause an accident when they collide with pedestrians or cyclists without noticing them because it is simply too much trouble looking up from their phone screens for just a few seconds! This can be risky at best, but unfortunately, these injuries happen all too frequently – many people sustain spinal cord injuries after being hit by cars and, at the same time, distracted outside of buildings like malls where there’s usually plenty going on around you if only someone would pay attention.

Common Injuries from Pedestrian Accidents

Don’t let a pedestrian accident happen to you! Many people are injured in traffic collisions; everyone must know what they can do to prevent themselves from sustaining severe injuries, including broken bones and head trauma. Here is some helpful information on how pedestrians should stay safe while walking or running.

A common injury from a pedestrian accident is whiplash. Whipping around suddenly can cause the head and neck to be jarred powerfully forward, backward, or sideways; this motion also compresses much spinal cord’s protection system so they lose their ability to protect central nervous function, which could result in debilitating permanent complications such as total paralysis below one’s chest area due to poor blood flow that doesn’t receive adequate support because it has been compressed against bone.

All pedestrians have the right of right-of-passage to walk on any street or crosswalk without being feared for their safety. Unfortunately, that also means they are susceptible and at risk from injury when struck by vehicles traveling above 35 mph! There is a list of common injuries sustained in these types of accidents, including:
The most severe outcome would be spinal cord injuries which can cause quadriplegia (paralysis), paraplegia/ Belgica, etc.

A pedestrian accident can be a traumatic event for all involved, especially if you are the victim. There is so much that goes into preventing these tragedies from happening in the first place, and when things go south, there’s not always time to think about what happened before seeing something like this happen right before your eyes or ears:
Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) -Collisions with objects such as cars brakes may cause brain injuries due directly impact with force causing blows on the skull sends waves through the cranium resulting in similar symptoms felt by combat veterans after getting hit overhead; loss of consciousness.

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