Disputas de Seguros

Insurance Disputes

The insurance company has denied your claim – Now what?

Insurance companies often refuse to do the one thing we all pay them our hard-earned money to do: pay claims promptly and fairly. It has been said that insurance companies deny claims “for no reason and for any reason at all.”  Most insurance companies increase  profits by under-paying claims or by searching for technicalities in the Policy to completely deny your claim.  The experienced Insurance Claims Litigation lawyers at The Martindale Law Group are here to help.  Let our Orlando-based  insurance claims attorneys at the Martindale Law Group use their extensive insurance claims experience to fight back when you encounter unfair insurance claims handling.

Car insurance, Homeowners insurance and Business insurance are three types of insurance policies that our experienced Orlando insurance litigation lawyers litigate most often. We have the experienced lawyers and staff you need to protect your legal rights under Florida law as it relates to your insurance policy and your claim. Our Orlando insurance claims attorneys have many years of experience in insurance litigation and interpretation of insurance policies. Let our Orlando litigation attorneys help you get what you paid for: fair and reasonable insurance claims payment.

We all hope and we would all like to believe in the inherent goodness of people and that people generally behave in a fair and honest way.  Because of our human desire to trust others, people are often mistreated by insurance companies. Trust is good but always verify that your rights are protected when you deal with any insurance company. That’s how we can help you: our Orlando insurance claims attorneys work to make sure insurance companies are more likely to keep their promise to promptly and fairly pay YOUR claim.

In many cases, if you win you are entitled to recover the attorney’s fees and costs from the insurance company. Unlike other law firms, we only take fees and costs from the insurance company, not from your claim settlement money. The initial consultation with one of our insurance litigation attorneys is always free. Call us now even if you don’t know if you have a valid claim. Call us now at (407) 874-5434 or toll-free at 855-446-8587, or fill out our free case evaluation form.